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Information and Content

             This website has been broken down into several basic areas of interest.

            It starts with an introduction telling a little of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.
Proposal )

                 Next, there are financial reports and estimates of probable expenses and potential income sources for some of the ongoing operations touched on in the proposal statement as well as going into more detail.
( The Financial Needs / Future Income Sources / Balance Sheet  )

             Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures of the building as it is now, and some proposed changes to be made in both design and remodeling to make it sutable for our purposes.
( Photos and Drawings )

        Last, a copy of the Statutes (First draft) to be used in the organizational structure and ongoing operations of the facility.
              There is also a CV for Elon Pierson, as he is, at this time, spearheading the effort to turn this dream into a reality.
( Operations and Personnel )

            In order to allow you a chance to ask any questions there are a couple of ways to contact us. One easy way is to simply send an email to: LIAC@LIAC.DK

             The second is through ...which is probably how you got here.

Thank You for your time and consideration!